Sesame Seeds

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Sesame seeds (or sesamum or benniseed) are the seeds of the tropical annual Sesamum indicum. They are tiny, flat oval seeds with a nutty taste and a delicate, almost invisible crunch. They are highly valued for their high content of sesame oil, an oil that is very resistant to rancidity.

The world over, there are about 4.8 million tonnes of sesame seed produced. The largest importers of this seed are Japan and China. In Africa, Nigeria comes about the seventh largest producer after Ethiopia and Sudan. Nigeria currently produces about 300,000 tonnes of Sesame Seed.

Sesame seeds is grown in different parts of Northern Nigeria. The producing states are Kano, Jigawa, Nasarawa, Benue, Taraba, Bauchi, Bornu, Jigawa and Gombe

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Quality Specifications:

Sesame Seed has many uses. It is a very important source of vegetable oil, which contains no cholesterol. It is used in confectionery, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other industries. Kindly find below our specifications:

  • Type: Natural (Unhulled)
  • Colour: White/Whitish; brown varieties
  • Oil content: 48% minimum
  • FFA: 1% max.
  • Moisture content: 3% max.
  • Purity: > 98%
  • Dark seed/Admixture: 2% max.